workplace safety topics for meetings

Do you usually have difficulty in getting safety meeting ideas? If you are facing this problem, this post hopefully can help you solve the problem.

The solution is to have a list of various workplace safety topics for meetings.

Talking the same topic in safety meetings will not only make you lose meeting members’ attention but it will also result in a poor-participation meeting.

In addition, having very limited workplace safety topics for meeting is also a problem.

Good safety topics are topics that are closely related to the work you do daily. Even it talks only a small thing.

So, today I am going to give ideas for workplace safety topics for meetings. All of those topics are extracted from my own experiences working in a chemical manufacturing plant for more than 10 years.

Chemical Plant Workplace Safety Topics for Meetings

The following workplace safety topics are short topics and can be finished within 5-15 minutes to deliver.

So, you can call them by ‘5 Minutes Safety Topics for Meeting’.

  1. How to identify new safety risk
  2. Safety around new equipment
  3. Safety around a modified pipe route or facility
  4. Safe handling on new hazardous chemical
  5. Safety procedure for the modified process condition
  6. Explanation of the root cause of the latest incident
  7. How to avoid recent plant trouble or incident
  8. New safety regulation explanation
  9. The safety aspect of a new chemical packaging type
  10. Safeguarding and lockout-tag out
  11. Emergency response procedure for a certain emergency condition
  12. Safety tips during the rainy season
  13. Safety tips during the hot season
  14. Safety tips during the winter season
  15. Safety audit findings
  16. Required improvements after a safety audit
  17. Explanation of a revised Standard Operating Procedure
  18. Safety in Turnaround or yearly maintenance
  19. Improvement after a near-miss
  20. New safety policy
  21. How to do plant patrol correctly
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Take Care When Selecting Workplace Safety Topics for Meetings

Take care when you select workplace safety topics for meetings. It does not mean those good safety topics will always be short ones.

Up to date and contextual safety topics should be your first choice.

You can use one of the above topics as your reference. If you are confused, just choose one that interests you and your members.