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20 Tips on Pre Hot Work Safety Precautions

There is no doubt that hot work has a huge potential to cause fire accident in the workplace. The key to have a safe hot work is to make a perfect preparation prior to carry out the hot work.

Fail to prepare a safe hot work will lead to fire accident, personnel injury and facility damage even disaster.

Beside these potential hazards, there are other potential hazards that are associated with hot work such as hot metals, flying object, sharp object, compressed gas, oxygen deficiency, fumes, electric shock and respiratory damage.

So, what do we have to prepare prior to a hot work?

Follow pre hot work safety precautions below to avoid those safety hazards.

Pre Hot Work Safety Precautions

  1. The best tips is to avoid hot work, if it is still possible option. Use mechanical bot or flange instead of welding.
  2. Only trained workers are allowed to involve in hot work.
  3. Assign only competent fire watch, safety supervisor and hot work operator.
  4. Move flammable and combustible materials from the hot work area.
  5. Move flammable and combustible materials at least 35 feet away from the hot work area.
  6. If flammable and combustible materials cannot be moved away from the hot work area, use fire-resistant cloth to cover the hot work area.
  7. Secure all the compressed gas cylinders.
  8. Use calibrated pressure gauge for the gas cylinders.
  9. Make sure that all equipment used in the hot work are in good condition.
  10. Inspect all the equipment prior to use.
  11. Install grounding properly.
  12. Make sure that there is no loose connection or bare cable.
  13. Move the hot work area if it is possible, to a safer place.
  14. If hot work will be done in an existing area where flammable material exists, ensure that all remaining flammable material is already washed away.
  15. If hot work will be done in a confined space, get confined space work permit.
  16. Carry out atmospheric test before the hot work.
  17. LEL or lower explosion limit measurement is also necessary.
  18. Install safety line surrounding the hot work area to prevent unintended visitors
  19. First aid team is ready to give help.
  20. Communication devices are good conditions and ready to use.

It is easier to have hot work safety form template to manage hot work in the workplace. You can download them here.

4-Words Safety Slogans in English

A short and memorable safety slogans are best choices to communicate safety in the workplace.

Even though for most of us it is not an easy task to find such safety slogans.

To help you find such safety slogans, I write down here 4 words safety slogans in English that I have collected from many websites and sources. Continue reading…

Fun Ways to Promote Safety at Work

Building a mature culture at work needs serious effort from all members in the company. This is a long journey and needs patience. This big move starts from promoting safety at work.

Promoting safety is a serious effort. But, you can do it in various fun ways.

Choosing the right fun ways to promote safety at work will also take time. It is because you need to test and evaluate it until you reach a final conclusion about its effectiveness. Continue reading…

An Easy to Follow Checklist for Safety Audit

Honestly, facing a safety audit can be a hard work for most of us. There is a feel of fear that appears every time a safety audit will be conducted.

Perhaps, most of us think that nonconformity found during the safety audit will create a new job load.

Truly, it is not.

The truth is that safety audit helps you improving safety in the workplace by revealing safety problems that you have not been found yet.

Or problems that you could not find so far.

Why is Checklist for Safety Audit Important?

Basically, you don’t have to worry about safety audit if you know how to face it.

With an easy to follow checklist for safety audit on hand, you do not have to worry whenever facing a safety audit.

A checklist for safety audit will guide you how to make a good preparation, act during the audit and follow up the safety audit finding.

So, make a checklist and use it when you will face a safety audit.

Optionally, you can use the following checklist.

The Safety Audit Checklist

safety audit reportHere is the checklist:

  • Check the last safety audit findings. Have the corrective actions and preventive actions for each finding been done completely?
  • Prepare appropriate evidences. Each corrective action and preventive action shall have evidences. The evidences can be documents or photos. Prepare them all.
  • Prepare progress report. If you have not finished implementing corrective action and preventive action, don’t forget to prepare a progress report with evidence.
  • Check all related documents. Ensure all related documents to audit are established, controlled and updated.
  • Supporting data available. Records, measuring data and test data are available and can be accessed easily.
  • Open your mind during the audit. Say the truth, never lie to the auditor. This helps audit process runs smoothly.
  • Join the closing meeting. The auditor will explain the audit finding before releasing the formal report. During the closing meeting you have a chance to get a more detail explanation for each finding. You will not get such explanation from the formal report. So, you had better to join the closing meeting.
  • Follow up new findings. It is recommended that you act immediately after receiving the audit report. Don’t postpone to take action.

10 Inspiring Turnaround Safety Slogans

Safety slogan has a high flexibility in area of implementations. It can be used in production, laboratory, construction and during turnaround. For turnaround, we will use turnaround safety slogans.

Turnaround is a regular plant maintenance that is usually carried out every year or perhaps more than one year. During the turnaround, many jobs are done in a same time frame. Besides that, more workers are also involved with various level of skills and expertise.

In frame of safety, probability of an incident to happen during the turnaround is enough high. Continue reading…

Best Chin Straps For MSA Hard Hats

Are you using MSA hard hats right now? If yes, it had better to use chin straps for MSA hard hats, not other brands.

With the same brand – MSA – the hard hat and chin strap will be easily installed.

You can choose MSA elastic Chin Strap. It can be used for any MSA hard hat model. Any type.

Why is MSA Elastic Chin Strap best? Here are the reasons:

  • it is elastic
  • it is non-metalic chin strap. It can be used with dielectric headgear
  • it is flexible construction and adjustable design for long term usage
  • it is easy to install
  • it is light weight, only 22.7 g.

If you walk through, you will find the chin straps for MSA hard hats easily. Check it here.

Why Are Chin Straps for MSA Hard Hats Important?

chin straps for MSA hard hatsChin straps ensure hard hats or safety helmets stay in your head. It keeps hard hat from falling down when you climbing up or change you head position.

You should check the chin strap regularly to make sure it is in good condition and still able to secure hard hat on your head. Aging or damage chin strap will loose its elasticity.

If this happens, replace it immediately with new one.

Chin strap helps the function of headband to keep your hard hat works.

Don’t forget to have several chin straps as stock for immediate replacement.

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