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Forklift Pedestrian Accident Statistics – The Important Numbers You Should Know

forklift pedestrian accident statistics

Forklift-pedestrian accident statistics show you how important it is to design a safe workplace for forklift operations and pedestrians.

The key point in the design is separation. Forklift and pedestrians shall have different traffic. It means that traffic control is the key.

In addition, as I wrote in my previous post, 10 Easy to Follow Forklift Safety Tips for Pedestrian, more intersections will also increase forklift-pedestrian accident probability.

In fact, finding out the number one cause of forklift accidents is not a simple task. Even if you have gathered many forklift accident data in your hand. [Continue reading…]

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H2S Exposure Chart – A Quick Way To Know H2S Toxicity


H2S exposure chart is a very important tool to know the toxicity level of H2S or hyrogen sulfide.

As a very toxic gas, H2S is very deadly since it can kill person in a few seconds if the person is exposed to a high level of H2S gas.

This gas has a specific smell like a rotten egg. Unfortunately, you cannot see the gas, since it is a colorless gas.

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The Record of Chemical Plant on Fire in 2020

chemical plant on fire 2020

This is a new post series about the chemical plant on fire that I will publish in the form of a yearly story.

The main purpose of publishing this post series is to improve our awareness against fire hazards, especially for chemical plants.

It is because fire hazard is still the main safety hazard for chemical plants and becomes the ongoing challenge for the safe plant operation. So, we must improve our action plans for minimizing its impact from time to time.

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