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3 Basic Types of Safety Audit

A loss control inspection by an insurance company is an example of safety audits. Another example is safety audit based on the Responsible Care or RC safety management system.

In general, there are three basic types of safety audit. One of the distinct difference between them is the audit coverage or audit scope.

But, before we are going to the detail, I am going to show you some important aspect related to the safety audit. Continue reading…

25 Awesome Lab Safety Slogans to Use Right Now

How do you communicate safety in the laboratory? Do you use lab safety slogans for communicating safety in the laboratory?

Nice face shield. Wants it?

As you already knew the laboratory contains many types of potential hazards; chemical reagents, gas cylinders, electric shock, fire, etc. If all those potential hazards are not managed properly, probably they may harm you and people inside the laboratory.

Successful management of potential hazards inside the laboratory started with good safety communication. This can be done by using lab safety slogans.

Lab safety slogans are simple and effective like other safety slogans in general. Continue reading…

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