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44 Important Safety Precautions Inside the Laboratory

Having a good understanding toward safety precautions inside the laboratory is a very first step to keep laboratory safety.

If you ignore these safety precautions, then you will end with an unexpected injury or accident.

So, always make sure that you already understand and implement all of these safety precautions inside the laboratory.

Do not forget to remind other workers with safety slogans for the laboratory. They are effective and simple to use. Continue reading…

Forklift Pedestrian Accident Statistics – The Important Numbers You Should Know

Forklift-pedestrian accident statistics show you how important it is to design a safe workplace for forklift operation and pedestrian.

The key point in the design is separation. Forklift and pedestrian shall have different traffic.

In addition, as I wrote in my previous post, 10 Easy to Follow Forklift Safety Tips for Pedestrian, more intersections will also increase forklift-pedestrian accident probability.

In fact, finding out number one cause of forklift accidents is not a simple task. Even if you have gathered many forklift accidents data in your hand. Continue reading…

10 Hazards of Ammonia That You Have to Know Right Now

Hazards of ammonia are harmful to your safety and health. Beware of this chemical; while you are using it, on the road, warehouse or any other places where you find this chemical.

Actually, ammonia is a very useful chemical. According to, world’s ammonia consumption is increasing from year to year.

world ammonia consumption

Despite its usefulness, however, ammonia can potentially endanger your safety and health. Continue reading…

Here Are The 11 Powerful Pre Loss Control Inspection Checklists

Loss control inspection checklists are an important guideline for preparing a successful loss control survey. Make sure you have it before facing the loss control inspection.


Loss control inspection or loss control survey is performed in a timely manner. Based on my experiences, the schedule is between 2-3 years. But, it will also depend on the insurance company policy.

Because the schedule is not so frequent, this causes most of you forget to make enough preparation. As the result, you will not get maximum benefits from the loss control survey.

That’s a problem. Avoid this from happening.
Continue reading…

The Unexpected Plant Shutdown Safety Checklist

Plant shutdown is an example of non-routine activities and one of the most dangerous operation periods for a chemical plant. The bad news is that, as reported by, around 70% of the major accidents occur during non-routine operations.

Because of this risk, you have to focus on safety during plant shutdown more than during normal plant operation.

Especially, when you face unexpected shutdown.

Take more care against unexpected shutdown rather than planned shutdown. It is because you have no plan at all and there may be hazards that you have never thought about.

That’s why you need a checklist to avoid forgetting important safety considerations during plant shut down.

A plant shutdown safety checklist will help you focus on safety better while carrying out the plant shutdown activities safely.

Continue reading…

Drum Spill Containment Pallet – Things You Should Know

To meet spill containment regulation, you have to prevent hazardous liquid spill from drum from happening. One of the most common ways to do this is by using drum spill containment pallet, as a secondary spill containment.

This method is effective enough for preventing hazardous liquid spill into the soil and water as long as you select proper capacity and design.

So that is why in this post I write complete information regarding drum spill containment pallet to help you selecting the proper design.

I will begin this post with the applicable regulation on it. Let’s move on. Continue reading…

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