11 Warehouse Safety Tips 2021 – How to Stay Safe in the Pandemic

warehouse safety tips

In this post, you will find practicable warehouse safety tips on how to stay safe and healthy while operating a warehouse during the Covid-19 outbreak.

This topic is very important because once one of the warehouse workers being infected by Covid-19, most of the warehouse activities will be disturbed.

Workers’ productivity will drop significantly. Maybe warehouse operation continuity becomes unclear.

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The Secret of Successful PPE Management in The Workplace

Successful Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) management will affect directly the overall performance of safety in the company. Simply because PPE protects workers from various kinds of hazards.

Even though PPE is not the first level of hazard control method, however according to hse.gov, every year there are 9,000 PPE-related accidents caused by improper PPE usage or not wearing PPE.

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H2S Exposure Chart – A Quick Way To Know H2S Toxicity


H2S exposure chart is a very important tool to know the toxicity level of H2S or hyrogen sulfide.

As a very toxic gas, H2S is very deadly since it can kill person in a few seconds if the person is exposed to a high level of H2S gas.

This gas has a specific smell like a rotten egg. Unfortunately, you cannot see the gas, since it is a colorless gas.

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Lab Safety Rules – 47 Basic Safety Rules to Follow to Stay Safe

lab safety rules

Following lab safety rules is the key to laboratory safety. On the contrary, ignoring these rules will lead to workplace incidents.

The ability to follow these rules starts with knowing and understanding them well.

So, in this post, I am going to show you basic lab safety rules that every laboratory analyst must know and understand to stay safe.

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10 Must-Have Lab Safety Equipment For A Safe Laboratory

lab safety equipment

To operate a safe laboratory, you shall provide essential lab safety equipment before doing any activities in there.

If you fail to provide such equipment, you are running the laboratory with a high risk, which may endanger you and other laboratory members.

So, you have no choice. You must provide these must-have lab safety equipment.

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Step Ladder Safety Tips That New Workers Should Know

ladder safety video

Are you a new worker who uses a step ladder in your daily jobs? Or do you want to improve the safety of step ladder operation? If your answer is yes for both questions, then you should read the step ladder safety tips that I write in this post.

Step ladder safety is a very important topic. That’s why you have to understand this topic very well.

Before we dive into the tips, let’s first see some important facts about the importance of step ladder safety.

According to the statistics data from the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention that in the last 10 years 43% of fatal falls involved ladder use.

In addition,┬áin 2011 there were 113 fatalities in work-related ladder fall injuries. [Continue reading…]

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Hazardous Area Classification – What You Must Know About

The area in the plant site can be classified into two classifications; hazardous area and non-hazardous area.

Some of you may already know well about hazardous area classification within the plant site where you work.

But, the other may just hear about that term once in your career. That is no problem because in this post I will show you the important facts behind hazardous area classification.

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10 Practical PPE Safety Tips That You Can Implement Right Now

ppe safety tips

Wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) is the least effective hazard control method.

But, it does not mean that PPE cannot protect you from harmful hazards. It is still your last defense against harmful hazards.

So, make yourself the discipline to wear PPE while doing any kind of job at the manufacturing or construction site.

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