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reusable IBC tote safety reusable IBC tote safety

Using reusable IBC tote is preferable since it is cost-effective for the chemical producers and also their consumers. In addition, the usage of reusable IBC tote can reduce plastic waste compared with one-time IBC tote. However, care should be taken that without proper handing, the usage of reusable IBC tote especially for hazardous chemicals like…

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Getting immediate medical treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning is the critical step if you believe that carbon monoxide poisoning has happend on you or someone near you. But, you must make sure that the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning show up. Before getting medical treatment, take the victim into fresh air immediately, as the first…

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symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

Not knowing the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning is very dangerous since it will cause severe effect, i.e. death. Remember that carbon monoxide or CO gas is the silent killer. It is because CO gas is a highly toxic gas but colorless, tasteless, and odorless. You will not be able to recognize its existence without…

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fire extinguisher expiration fire extinguisher expiration

Fire extinguisher expiration is an important aspect associated with fire extinguisher operation. Sometimes, I still heard people asking this question, “How many years is a fire extinguisher good for? Does it have an expiry date?” I know that this information will determine how long you will need to keep the existing fire extinguishers and how…

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hydrostatic pressure test safety hydrostatic pressure test safety

In this post, I would like to bring you important safety tips. Hydrostatic pressure test safety. This topic is very important because you -as an owner of a project- might not be focused on it. Your contractor will handle it for you. The hydrostatic pressure test is a common non-destructive test method used for testing…

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Talking about the hazards of static electricity in the chemical industry is like re-open my memory when I was facing such kind of incidents in the plant several years ago. The accident happened when metallic-powder catalyst charging was being done from a wagon into a catalyst feeder with poor earth grounding and incomplete flammable gas…

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