Safety Tips

hazard control hierarchy hazard control hierarchy

The hazard control hierarchy provides a clear way on how to control hazards in the workplace effectively. There are many kinds of safety hazards in the workplace; chemical hazards, biological hazards, ergonomic hazards, physical hazards, radiation hazards, and environmental hazards. An accident may happen if these hazards are not controlled effectively.

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workplace safety topics for meetings workplace safety topics for meetings

Do you usually have difficulty in getting safety meeting ideas? If you are facing this problem, this post hopefully can help you solve the problem. The solution is to have a list of various workplace safety topics for meetings. Talking the same topic in safety meetings will not only make you lose meeting members’ attention…

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laboratory safety guidelines laboratory safety guidelines

Having a good understanding of safety precautions inside the laboratory is a very first step to keep laboratory safety. If you ignore these safety precautions, then you will end with an unexpected injury or accident. So, always make sure that you already understand and implement all of these safety precautions inside the laboratory. Do not…

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Safe Handling of Compressed Gas Cylinders Safe Handling of Compressed Gas Cylinders

Safe handling of compressed gas cylinders is an important issue in the laboratory, welding workshop, and warehouse. In reverse, improper handling of compressed gas cylinders will cause big safety problems and may cause an accident to happen. Now, look at the following facts: From the year 2014 to 2017, OSHA reports that there are 7…

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