epz grounding grates

Working on a site where high-voltage lines are present is one of the most dangerous situations a construction crew can face. Workers must take every conceivable precaution to ensure they or their crew mates are not at risk of suffering a severe electrical shock caused by faults. One of the most important safety protocols crews can use to prevent potentially fatal incidents is the use of an EPZ grounding grate. Installing these in areas where power lines are present offers a significant level of protection against electrocution. Read on to learn the basics of these valuable pieces of equipment and how they work to keep you safe on the job site.

What Is an EPZ Grounding Grate?

Simply put, this is a galvanized steel grate that is placed on the ground in areas where there is the possibility of being exposed to fault currents. Several can be bonded together to create a larger space to accommodate portable substations.

How Do They Work?

When placed on the ground, these grates create an equipotential bonded and grounded work zone. This means any fault currents will be directed into the ground safely instead of through workers’ bodies. With these in place, it becomes safe for people to walk across areas where there may be dangerously high levels of electricity present.

What Are the Benefits of Using Them?

The most obvious benefit of using EPZ grounding grates is keeping crew members safe while on the job. They can go about their work without worrying about a potential fault creating unsafe and even lethal conditions. However, there are other advantages that, while less significant than their life-saving capabilities, are important to note nonetheless.

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For example, these grates and their connecting cables are reusable. They can be taken down and redeployed on the next job without concerns over their effectiveness. They’re much more durable than other solutions, meaning construction crews can get a substantial return on investment from them. Lastly, they can be assembled and removed relatively quickly, ensuring that they won’t cut into the project schedule and save on labor costs.

Why Should You Choose EPZ Grounding Grates?

Although there are other techniques that can be used as makeshift grounding solutions, they don’t offer the same level of protection as EPZ grounding grates. In some cases, they actually can introduce new dangers. For example, many crews put down chain-link fencing as an alternative, but it can break down with heavy use and create tripping hazards.

Working near high-voltage lines means safety should be at the top of everyone’s mind. The use of EPZ grounding grates is one of the best ways to ensure that your job site remains safe for everyone involved in the project. Not only that, but they are easy to use and last much longer than other types of improvised methods. For these reasons and many more, they represent the best solution for concerns over electrocution.

To learn more about what EPZ grounding grates can do for you, check out the accompanying resource.

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