office cleaning safety tips

Office safety starts with cleaning activities. However, some of us may think that cleaning activities are unimportant activities and have no relation with office safety.

You should have a solid cleaning program in your office to keep as a safe workplace. Then, try to maintain the cleaning program as much as you can.

To run your cleaning program in your office, there are some office cleaning safety tips you should consider in order to keep your safety while implementing cleaning activities.

  1. Involve all office employees in the cleaning program since this is not only just doing ‘cleaning’ but more that is to develop cleaning activities as a habit or office culture.
  2. Establish a standard operating procedure for the office cleaning.
  3. Include all office facilities into the cleaning program, including the office lawn. If you have no enough ability to do lawn maintenance, just call a specialist to the maintenance jobs such as
  4. Have a checklist to complete the cleaning program.
  5. Eliminate any potential fire hazards from the office. Move away flammable material such as paint or thinner from the office as well as keep the office free from any fire sources.
  6. Always start from easy cleaning activities such as clean the clutter. This will remove potential hazards of trips, slips and falls away from the office.
  7. Cleaning activities are not just cleaning, but those also include placing things properly in their places.
  8. Always wear the right personal protective equipment while doing cleaning activities.
  9. Use cleaning tools or equipment to clean the office. Using bare hand and not standardized cleaning equipment may create new safety hazards.
  10. Provide enough waste containers for each type of wastes, that are resulted from cleaning activities. Do not mix hazardous wastes with non-hazardous wastes in one container.
  11. Use proper signage whenever cleaning activities are being done to avoid unintended access to the office area.
  12. Start the cleaning activities by organizing office documents to keep them safe from damage.
  13. The next office cleaning safety tips is to cut off power source from the electronic equipment exist in the office. This is to remove electrical short while doing cleaning activities.
  14. In addition to the tips no.13, is to remove any loosen cables and wires since they will create trip hazards to cleaning workers.
  15. Use only safe cleaning chemicals for the cleaning activities. Read the label first before trying to use those chemicals.
  16. Make sure that ventilation equipment are running while the cleaning is in progress to avoid dust or contaminating material inside the office.
  17. Never drink or eat in the office, which is under cleaning progress. You may get contaminated.
  18. Use safety slogans to encourage employees about the importance of maintaining office clean.
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Start from easiest tips above when you will do office cleaning. You will stay safe while doing cleaning activities.