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A Quick Guide to Welding Safety Equipment List

welding safety equipment list

Welding work is one of the deadliest works that risk more than 500,000 workers in various industries as stated by OSHA. Because of this reason, then you have to provide adequate protection from safety and health risks associated with welding work. Always wear appropriate welding safety equipment.

Look at what OSHA stated:

4 out of every 1,000 welders suffer fatal injuries during welding work. [Continue reading…]

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Understanding the Vital Role of Work Gloves

work gloves

There are several factors you should consider before selecting work gloves that fit your work types and working conditions. In chemical plant operations where various hazardous chemicals handled and multiple activities that can harm worker’s hands done, reliable work gloves could prevent workers from injuries.

Work glove is a part of the whole personal protective equipment that are used by workers. Like other personal protective equipment, they can only give adequate protection if they are selected with care and meet the required working conditions as well as the applicable industrial standards.

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Construction Site – 10 Most Important PPE Safety Tips and Tricks

ppe safety tips

Are you a construction worker who works in dangerous conditions? Or are you an employer of construction workers? You might want to know the best Personal Protective Equipment safety tips and tricks. A PPE ensures your protection, and you can work with peace of mind and avoid any injury.

To make your PPE work best for you, you need to use it appropriately. You must ensure you know the function of the PPE and use it optimally to ensure your protection. You must ensure that a proper PPE program exists for you to understand its use and functionality.

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What are the Benefits of Using Protective Clothing at Work?

protective clothing

There are so many people who are working in hazardous environments with chemicals and other heavy stuff. All that they have to do is follow some protocols that help them in being safe. One such important protocol is wearing the perfect dress that can protect you from harmful hazards at work. Your dress might also include the PPE kits that are necessary. Each department’s functioning will have dresses that are based on the department’s work nature. This is because you cannot ask a chemical engineer and construction engineer to swap their dress which will lead to tragedy. So, please continue scrolling to know more benefits of protective clothing at work.

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What You Need to Know All About Safety Hard Hats

safety hard hats

Wearing a hard hat or safety helmet may become your daily habit when you enter the plant site. However, I guess most of us do not aware whether the hard hats you are using are still able to protect your head from hazards or not.

So I think it is very essential to remind you (maybe including myself) about hard hat safety or safety hard hats. Read the hard hat safety reminders below to ensure that you have protected your head with the right hard hat or helmet.

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The Secret of Successful PPE Management in The Workplace

Successful Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) management will affect directly the overall performance of safety in the company. Simply because PPE protects workers from various kinds of hazards.

Even though PPE is not the first level of hazard control method, however according to, every year there are 9,000 PPE-related accidents caused by improper PPE usage or not wearing PPE.

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10 Practical PPE Safety Tips That You Can Implement Right Now

ppe safety tips

Wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) is the least effective hazard control method.

But, it does not mean that PPE cannot protect you from harmful hazards. It is still your last defense against harmful hazards.

So, make yourself the discipline to wear PPE while doing any kind of job at the manufacturing or construction site.

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Here Are the 3 Popular Removable Side Shields for Glasses

removable side shields for glasses

Wearing safety glass is a must to protect your eyes from chemical splash or flying particles that may attack your eyes from the side.

However, your safety glass can only protect you completely if it has a side shield. If not, you have to provide removable side shields for glasses as your quick solution.

Don’t replace your safety glass even it has no side shield. You can use removable side shields to make it as perfect eye protection.

Using removable side shields for safety glass also gives flexibility since you can easily detach it when you don’t need to use it. [Continue reading…]

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The Practical Safety Helmet Inspection Checklist That Works

safety helmet colour codes

Ensuring ready to use and good condition of safety apparatus, including safety helmet, is key to personal safety. The best way to do this is through effective inspection. Effective inspection can be done by the use of a consistent inspection checklist.

In this post, I will focus on safety helmet inspection checklist. This checklist is a guide for you when you do a regular inspection.

Successful safety helmet inspection starts from using only effective and consistent safety helmet inspection checklist. Because it is very important, please read this post thoroughly. [Continue reading…]

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Safety Helmet Color Code, The Truth You Should Know

safety helmet color code

The safety helmet color code indicates clearly different job functions and responsibilities in an organization including yours. Really, it provides easy recognition.

Please read the following simple illustration.

A forklift driver wears a safety helmet while he is driving. A chemical plant operator also wears a safety helmet but in a different color. And a mechanical technician wears another different color safety helmet from the forklift driver and plant operator.

Easy to recognize them, huh? [Continue reading…]

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