4 words safety slogans in english

Short and memorable safety slogans are the best choices to communicate safety in the workplace.

Even though for most of us it is not an easy task to find such safety slogans.

To help you find such safety slogans, I write down here 4 words safety slogans in English that I have collected from many websites and sources.

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I hope you will find the best safety slogan for your own use.

  1. No safety, know pain
  2. Safety is no accident
  3. Safety yes, accident no
  4. Say no to accident
  5. Safe today, work tomorrow
  6. Safety first and forever
  7. Nobody gets hurt today
  8. Shortcuts cut life short
  9. Be aware, take care
  10. Say yes to safety
  11. Safety first, you last
  12. Be alert, accident hurts
  13. Safety is job #1
  14. Safety starts with me
  15. Zero compromises to safety
  16. Safety saves, accident hurts
  17. Our goal … zero accident
  18. Keep it always safe
  19. Distraction slows your reaction
  20. Safety is everyone’s responsibility
  21. Our aim, no accident
  22. Better safe than sorry
  23. Dare to be aware
  24. Give them a break
  25. No belt, no brain
  26. Safety first to last
  27. Safety in, we win
  28. Safety starts with you
  29. Safety … do it consistently
  30. Success is no accident
  31. Work together, work safely
  32. Alert today, alive tomorrow’
  33. Be sure be safe
  34. Caution read, then proceed
  35. Safety begins with teamwork
  36. Stop unsafe act now
  37. Work safer not harder
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